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Aberdeen Ceramics Studio

As a collective, our ambition is to create an open access ceramics studio in Aberdeen, providing space, equipment, teaching and support for beginners through to emerging makers and established artists. We also aim to reach out to schools where ceramics is not within the art curriculum.


Our goal is to provide a platform for artists and members of our community to come together and explore the possibilities of working with clay. We believe that this project has the potential to make a significant impact on our community. By bringing people together to celebrate and explore the art of ceramics, we hope to promote a greater appreciation for the arts, as well as foster a sense of community and connection. In addition, we believe that this project has the potential to support local artists and businesses, as well as provide a platform for people to share ideas and inspiration.


In terms of our team and our skills, we are a mix of passionate people from the student body, alumni and staff at RGU - we are all at different stages in our creative professional development. All of us work within the arts and as self-employed ceramicists/potters and between us have a wide range of skills and experience in running a ceramics workshop. Two of our team members, Matthew Wilcock (from the first series) and AJ Simpson (from the fourth series), won the Great British Pottery Throwdown! 

If you are interested in attending our classes, you will find all the information here. For any other questions, feel free to get in touch!

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